Day 17 - To Paraphrase Beyonce, "Can You Save On Your Bills?"

The answer is yes and the amount you save adds up. A lot of consumers are unaware of discounts they are eligible for.

Student & Employee Discounts
Many services such as Amazon and some cellphone companies offer discount student and or employee discounts. You can usually Google to find out or read up on the employee rewards/benefits you may have.

Disconnect Your Electronics
Pulling out your electronics at night reduces your electricity bills. Even if your electronics and appliances are Energy Star rated equipment they are still drawing power when plugged in. The only difference is that they are drawing less power than traditional appliances.

Learn how to save more below.

A Bill-by-Bill Guide to Saving Money on Your Monthly Expenses

Conventional wisdom tells us that everything gets more expensive over time and there's nothing we can do about it. That's not the case. If you feel like your paycheck has evaporated after you've paid your cellphone bill, car insurance, the utilities, and the cable bill, here's a bill-by-bill guide to lowering your monthly expenses and keeping more cash in your pocket.

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