Financial Vision Boarding

Vision Boarding is the practice of creating an image collage of personal goals that you have and maybe phrases or sayings that motivate you. When creating a financial vision board the images will center on personal financial goals that you would like to achieve. The goals don't have to be big ticket items like paying for college or homeownership. They can also include expenditures that are purely for fun.

The reason you would do this is to remind yourself of what you are working towards and to make these goals seem less distant.

For example, if a financial goal of yours was to travel more, you can start collecting images of places that you would like to travel to and the experiences you would like to have when you're there.

pexels-photo (1).jpg

You may want to visit China to visit The Great Wall or Forbidden City. That's great and completely attainable. Research some things about those sites for your board, select some of your favorite photos related to it and throw in a few words of inspiration while you're at it.

If you want to make the board more real you can look into how much some of the experiences you've selected cost.

Seeing these images every day will help you to keep focused and hopefully working towards your goal. A vision board alone won't enable you to achieve your goals like travel and thus follow through on your set goal but what it does do is make your dreams more tangible. The minute you decide to travel you will know exactly what you want out of the experience thanks to your vision board.