IIG Student of the Month (September 2018): Edwina You

Edwina You (The Bryn Mawr School).JPG

Edwina You is being highlighted because she understands the impact that financial literacy can have on one's life and aspires to one day pursue a career in the finance industry. She is currently a Senior at Bryn Mawr High and was a fellow at Brown Advisory in Baltimore, Maryland.

She is using her experience at Brown to gain further knowledge, understanding, and description of the various departments, processes, and procedures that construct and operate in a financial firm. Edwina has embraced the IIG program and uses the concepts learned for daily living, discussion, and preparation for her future.

"Financial literacy, albeit its importance, is hardly discussed in school. Many people go into their adult life without being adequately prepared for a vastly changing financial environment, leading to ill-informed decisions. What you choose to do with your money in the present can make a remarkable difference in the future, and some tactless choices could lead to years of financial anxiety. Being cognizant of how to plan accordingly can save you the trauma and allow you to be more equipped for financial security. Just learning the basics, such as saving, budgeting, and investing, can make a grand of difference.

In modern times, the knowledge necessary to avoid debt becomes increasingly demanded. The diminishing safety net of the government, increasing life spans, and myriads of confusing financial options are some of the few factors indicating the necessity for financial literacy. I want to be active in preparing for the future. I particularly enjoy the assignment of Finglish translations, as understanding financial terms was something I have always wished I could do. I hope to gain a strong foundation of knowledge than I can transcend into an alertness for sensible financial choices."

- Edwina You