Day 8 - When Saving Goes Wrong

Some people have a well-developed saving habit but may not use it well. This can lead to some disastrous consequences. How you save is just as important as how much you save.

Daughter throws away mattress stuffed with mother's $1m life savings

With the collapse of the world's banking system, an Israeli woman's decision to keep her life savings in her mattress must have seemed like a wise one. But it came back to haunt her when her daughter threw the mattress out - along with $1m (£611,000) stuffed into the lining.

A Family Spent $100,000 On Beanie Babies To Put Their Kids Through College

In 1993, the world went crazy for Beanie Babies, small, plush animals by toy company Ty. Heralded as valuable collectibles, people would rush out to buy the $5.95 toys for their children or themselves, eagerly waiting for them to appreciate in value. But then the Beanie Baby bubble burst.

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