We are raising $1 million in individual pledges by June 30, 2019. You can give over three years or make a one-time gift. Make a one-time gift, we won’t ask again for three years!


What are IIG’s goals for this capital campaign? In the next three years, you will grow with us to achieve:

  • Expansion to 15 states (from 6)

  • Education of 3,500 girls

  • Development of an alumni database and communications plan.

  • Provide career access to 200 girls in Tier 2

  • Triple the size of Tier 3

Role Model/Mentorship Program

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Leadership Giving Levels:

  • School Partner: $10k and above

  • Growth Partner: $20k and above

  • Principal Partner: $40k and above

Join the Monthly Investment Club:

With a recurring gift, you’ll join an elite group of individuals, who are committed to investing in the future success of young women.