Our core model delivers a blended approach to personal finance and careers in finance. Many of our girls chose to pursue internships over their summer break in financial services as a result of participating in our program.

The IIG Model is an innovative approach.

    Our three pronged approach gives girls a holistic view on personal finance and the industry itself.

•    Our blended learning style gives girls access to real time news and information that directly relates to the topics we cover.

    Our workshops can be modified to accommodate any class size, duration and content.  We are constantly evaluating what works in the classroom.



 IIG works with 10th, 11th and 12th grade girls and teaches three concepts over the course of three years:

• Sophomores – Budgeting/Personal finance 

• Juniors – Investing your money 

• Seniors – College debt, taxes, insurance, interviewing and philanthropic giving.